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In our first episode of Call Me Cannabinoids, we sat down with Connor Scott of Endourage to talk about the Endourage brand, using CBD in clinical applications, and how to qualify a good CBD product.

Let’s dive in!

About Endourage

Endourage, a CBD company based in Wheatridge, Colorado, formulates tinctures and topical cream with a focus on the clinical application side of the hemp industry. The company derives its name from the term “the entourage effect,” which references the idea that CBD is most effective when it contains the full range of constituent cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in the plant.

“We’re really reliant on that interplay between those chemicals to get the absolute maximum effect in the medicine,” Connor says.

The hemp CBD company focuses on extraction, processing, and research & development. Endourage’s founders have a solid background in science, and the company is positioning itself to appeal to clinicians and other healthcare providers.

“We have developed proprietary formulations for CBD that include various cannabinoids and terpenes that are targeted towards specific indications,” he says. “There’s plenty of science out there that indicates that CBD can benefit on the neurological level via the endocannabinoid system.”

Connor has been working in the hemp industry for four years, and Endourage is the third CBD company he’s been a part of. He works closely with CEO and co-founder, Isaac Foster, to attract more talent to the company with scientific backgrounds.

“We brought in people who know what they’re doing, who we trust, and who have a similar perspective on what they want to see for CBD and cannabis as a whole,” he says. “We’ve partnered with doctors and PhD graduates.

“We’ve got the smarts, and we have a common goal. And that’s what’s allowed us to gain some really quick traction with these clinicians–because we have passionate people who get the science.

“Endourage is what I envisioned a CBD company should be,” he says.

What makes Endourage different?

Connor says Endourage’s primary differentiator is its quality assurance. During his early days in the industry, he saw firsthand that CBD products were working for people…but, the quality wasn’t ideal and the compliance tests didn’t always check out.

Another difference is that, rather than using whole, industrial hemp plants in the extraction process, Endourage uses only virgin hemp flower.

“If you extract from a whole plant like most companies do, you can imagine it like they just chop up the plant, the stalks, and the roots, throw it in a big blender, and then extract from that,” he says.

Connor says industrial hemp isn’t ideal for CBD extraction because it’s made for producing textiles and contains very few terpenes. Whole-plant CBD from industrial hemp is “not what you would consider a quality ingredient for medicine, by any means,” he says.

Another unique quality about Endourage is its dedication to CBD in clinical applications. The team envisions cannabis as medicine, rather than simply a dietary supplement.

“We know it works,” Connor says, “And so we want to be able to put it to our medical caregivers, our doctors, as something that they feel comfortable recommending to their patients.”

But, in order for more medical professionals to feel comfortable recommended CBD to their patients, further–extensive–study into CBD is needed when it comes to specific applications. We’re still in a stage where the industry isn’t yet far-removed from prohibition, so a stigma remains around both hemp and marijuana.

How to Qualify a Good CBD Product

Connor has three criteria that he says make the best quality CBD products on the market:

  1. CBD extracted from virgin hemp flower rather than industrial hemp, which isn’t intended for extraction high-quality CBD. Connor says CBD derived from virgin hemp flower contains more cannabinoids and terpenes than CBD from whole-plant industrial hemp.
  2. Potency testing for specific cannabinoids and terpenes. According to Connor, CBD content must match what the label says, and there should be an abundance of terpenes in the extract. (Ideally, you want all terpenes present.)
  3. Compliance testing. CBD extracts should be tested for residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals and microbial. A potent CBD product isn’t healthy if it contains contaminants.