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CBD saved Kyle Turley’s life. The former NFL player sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which triggered debilitating personality changes, suicidal urges, and ultimately forced him into retiring from professional football at age 29.

Since then, he’s gone on to not only regain his health through CBD; he founded a CBD company, Neuro XPF, which develops CBD products for athletes.

“Football has a uniqueness about it, where it disrupts our brains disrupts our brain function,” Kyle says. “These hits to the head are very consequential, and if you have the opportunity to participate in that sport at the highest level for a decade, you can imagine the damage that would be done to the brain during that time.”

Throughout his decade in the NFL and multiple injuries, Kyle was prescribed a battery of drugs, including opioids and psychiatric medications, to manage the litany of symptoms he was experiencing, like neuropathy, arthritis, dementia, vertigo, seizures, and fits of rage. He says it wasn’t until he began using cannabis that he experienced real relief.

“People who have had a traumatic brain injury need cannabis and cannabidiol,” he says. “I haven’t experienced vertigo or seizures, which were becoming frequent post-football career, for the last five years since I’ve been away from synthetic medications and strictly using a cannabis regimen.”

The disconnect between pharmaceuticals and the endocannabinoid system

Through research, Kyle learned that the government owns a patent on cannabidiol as a neuroprotective substance. This perplexed him because of the ongoing propaganda against cannabis. But that bit of information inspired him to begin researching deeper, and he was fascinated when he learned about the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

“There’s nothing in anyone’s body that is a system of synthetic medications,” he says. “There is, however, a cannabinoid system.”

Kyle asserts that the pharmaceutical industry is actually–unknowingly–attempting to develop synthetic cannabinoid profiles through their medications.

“Every one of those medications has to go to the center of your brain to dictate what happens,” he says. “The endocannabinoid system is the number one regulatory system in the human body; it is the source and the beginning of life as the brain develops around the cannabinoid system, which starts in the center of your brain.”

Our bodies recognize cannabinoids–not because of CBD or cannabis, but because of our ECS. And, the ECS begins developing at 14 weeks gestation–so it’s truly present at the earliest stage of our lives.

TBI in the pro football community, and how CBD can help

Many members of the pro football community, including Kyle, who have sustained traumatic brain injuries experience a myriad of psychological issues and symptoms. These debilitating symptoms include suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, rage, dementia, and depression.

“If your frontal lobe is compromised and damaged, you lose the ability to control your thoughts, and ultimately, your actions,” he says. “I’ve been told by multiple neurologists, neuroscientists, and neurosurgeons that my brain is the brain of an 80 plus-year-old man with full-blown Alzheimer’s.”

Kyle feels that mental health concerns are actually being overmedicated on a regular basis, and that cannabis is the solution to so many of the mental health issues in the U.S. today.

“Our families and our communities around us are being ravaged by these pills that are killing people,” he says.

Launching Neuro XPF and fighting for quality

Kyle says he created and launched Neuro XPF because CBD was something that he saw as both “undeniable and applicable to everyone.”

“We’re all unique in our own ways and ironically, this plant is, too–but the one universal thing that I discovered is that CBD is universally applicable. CBD is a panacea,” Kyle says.

“What I tell people is that if CBD hasn’t worked for you, then you must not have used my product or a quality product.”

Neuro XPF is a THC-free CBD product, formulated specifically so that people who consume it won’t have to worry about testing positive for THC on a drug screen.

“Even just CBD, without any inclusion of THC, has the ability to ignite your cannabinoid system,” he says.

Kyle has fought to keep his hemp sources for Neuro XPF top-tier so that his products are of the highest quality. He hopes to continue helping others experience the relief he has been able to get from the debilitating symptoms he lived with for so long.

“Cannabis saved my life, period,” he says. “And that came through getting on my knees and asking God for an opportunity at life.

“I can’t deny that God made this plant and it speaks to my brain, and the science continues to prove that it is more than just a feeling.”