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In our latest episode of Call Me Cannabinoids, Pete sat down with Chris Shade, Ph.D, founder of Quicksilver Scientific, to talk about nanoemulsified CBD, bioavailability, and the true entourage effect.

Dr. Shade is a renowned expert on human mercury toxicity, heavy metals, the human detoxification system, and liposomal cannabinoid delivery systems. He has appeared as a guest on multiple shows and developed a detoxification protocol for Tony Robbins after the world-famous thought leader suffered mercury poisoning.

Dr. Shade grew up in an academic family and began his career in environmental sciences; however, he quickly became disillusioned with the field.

“I realized that they really weren’t ever cleaning up the pollution, they were just pretending to do it and getting paid to do that,” he says.

From there, he moved into organic farming; then, back into environmental sciences for a second stint, where he still found himself dissatisfied. During that time, he earned his Ph.D and began working with Dr. Bob Hudson, an expert in mercury.

Next, Dr. Shade began developing patented testing for mercury; first, in the environment, and later, in humans. He realized that it was easier to get people to pay attention to the pollution in their bodies than to the pollution in the environment.

“We look at the pollution in people because people just don’t care about the environment–whether they say that or not–but they do care about themselves,” he says.

Dr. Shade’s test identified different forms of mercury in the body, and could trace the sources of the mercury. He quickly realized he needed to develop ways to clear the mercury from the body.

“I had to come up with detoxification systems for mercury and do that you got to turn up this system of chemoprotective chemistry, like the detoxification chemistry in your body, called the glutathione system,” he says.

His research into mercury detoxification and glutathione led him to study bioavailability and liposomal delivery systems. As part of a mercury detox protocol, the glutathione could be broken into lipid nanoparticles for easy absorption into the body.

“Without using any of the chemical chelators, I could start stripping all the mercury out of people, and so that was so exciting.” he says. “We developed our whole detox system, and we started applying this delivery technology to a lot of other things.

“A lot of these compounds we think are going to be really great for us–like glutathione, resveratrol, and curcumin–just don’t absorb much at all.”

Nanoemulsions and Liposomal Delivery System Aid in Detox, Raise Bioavailability

Dr. Shade says we all need a little help getting these beneficial compounds into the bloodstream. That’s where liposomal delivery systems come in. Liposomal formulation can be metabolized across your mucous membranes into the bloodstream, meaning you experience the effects of the supplement you’ve consumed more quickly than other methods of delivery.

“We use homogenization techniques to break those compounds into tiny little spheres that are at or below 100 nanometers,” Dr. Shade says. “They can pass through the lining of your mouth and into the capillaries right below the surface. When you swallow them, they’ll go into the bloodstream and right into the upper GI tract. The substance passively diffuses in.”

According to Dr. Shade, the difference between lipid nanoparticles and liposomes lies in the substance you want to integrate them with. Lipid nanoparticles are used for fat-soluble formulations, while liposomes are best for water-soluble.

“The liposome has a droplet of water in the middle; the nanoemulsion has a droplet of oil in the middle,” he says.

Eventually, this liposomal research led Dr. Shade to cannabinoid research. Quicksilver soon developed its own full-spectrum and broad-spectrum nanoemulsified CBD products.

Nanoemulsified CBD: More Bioavailable and More Economical

Not only is CBD more readily absorbed when in a nanoemulsified state; according to Dr. Shade, it’s also more economical because people who consume it tend to achieve their desired result with a much lower dose than when they consume tinctures.

“CBD is expensive,” he says, “and you’re normally only getting six to 10% absorption. When we go to a nanoemulsion system, now you’re getting a five- to six-fold increase in the absorption, so you’re getting a lot more in the blood.

“When you’re doing this nanoemulsion, you not only get a lot more into the blood; you get it in much more rapidly. So you have this immediacy.”

A common narrative in the cannabinoid world among those who consume edibles is that it can take hours to feel the effects of the cannabinoids you’ve consumed. Especially in the case of THC, that makes the cannabinoids difficult to dose and can lead to consuming too much.

“CBD oil might take two hours to peak in the blood,” Dr. Shade says. “When you do the nanoemulsion, it peaks between 15 and 25 minutes later. So you get the relief and the effect of the CBD right away.

“If it’s THC, you get that effect fast, and then you can judge whether you need more or not. So it’s fast absorption and high absorption.”

Essentially, going from a standard CBD tincture to a nanoemulsion could mean the difference between a 10% absorption versus 60%. That means people who are regularly consuming 25 to 50 milligrams of CBD in a tincture won’t need as high of a dose in a nanoemulsion.

“Our typical doses with our nanoemulsion are 12 to 16 milligrams,” Dr. Shade says. “That’s all you need to have this really strong systemic effect–the dose doesn’t have to be so hot.”

The True Entourage Effect

Once a person finds the ratio of CBD that’s right for their body, Dr. Shade says CBD works in conjunction with other botanicals.

“What I really believe is the true entourage effect is all the botanicals and nutraceuticals I can blend in,” he says. “I might have other anti-inflammatories or neurotransmitters that make me calmer or more awake. And you can really modulate the effect of the cannabinoids, more than just using terpenes–by using your full botanical palette.”

Beyond supplements, Dr. Shade says it’s vital to incorporate breathing and relaxation into your daily routine; otherwise, your body won’t be able to truly heal.

“We’re trying to get people to operate at their best; we’re trying to take away things that are blocking their biological functioning so the body doesn’t manifest disease,” he says.

Even though Quicksilver is helping to remove toxins and infections, Dr. Shade says the X factor is stress and our inability to get into a relaxed state of mind. If our fight-or-flight autonomic nervous system stays switched on and never switches to the healing, parasympathetic state, we can’t properly rest, digest, repair, regenerate, or detoxify.

“I encourage people to try to find space in their life,” Dr. Shade says. “Breathe deep, relax, find things like Tai Chi and yoga that help them do this. And CBD is the one botanical or chemical substance that is really really good for helping the body settle down.”